david j nolan
        visual effects compositing

Trace, 2011
directing, editing, compositing, 3D effects

My final term Masters Project on the NCCA Digital Effects MA at Bournemouth University.

Trace is a visual-effects driven narrative piece, telling a story of love and loss experienced by a living piece of graffiti. The graffiti character was shot on greenscreen. The imagery was vectorized using Adobe Illustrator, to create a stencil aesthetic, and details added using Photoshop. The graffiti character was composited using Nuke into live action plates shot on location in Bournemouth. 3D environment geometry and effects were generated using Houdini and used to augment the shots.

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Shockwave, 2011
3D modelling, lighting, texturing, particles, rigid body dynamics, compositing

My third term assignment on the NCCA Digital Effects MA at Bournemouth University.

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Compositing Experiment, 2011
compositing, lighting

Experiment in photorealistic CG compositing, integrating the same CG object into 3 different photographic backplates. Work done for a research assignment on the NCCA Digital Effects MA at Bournemouth University.

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Strike 2011
lighting, animation, particle effects, editing

My second term group project on the NCCA Digital Effects MA at Bournemouth University.

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Underwater Aquascape, 2010
3D modelling, animation, lighting, texturing, compositing

My first term project on the NCCA Digital Effects MA at Bournemouth University. Dry to wet conversion, with 3D artefact modelled in Houdini and composited using Nuke.

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Playing with Particles, 2010
motion graphics

Experiments in music visualisation using Trapcode particular.

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Wotruba Raum, 2009
art direction, editing, compositing,

Experimental juggling and object manipulation video. An exploration of staff manipulation techniques and modes of presentation in a cubist environment.
Collaborative work with sebastiAn berger.


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Gib mir ein Mic, 2009
directing, editing, colour correction,

Music for the Vienna-based hip hop artist Vista. This is the first video from Vista's new album "Vienna Callin'".
Music: Vista & Uwe Felche;

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Abgefahren, 2009
directing, editing, compositing

Video art installation to accompany 'Abgefahren', a production from Vienna-based theater company Toechter der Kunst. The play deals with issues including anorexia, prostitution, immigration, single parenthood, homesexuality, and trains.
Music: Re-Drum - Cathodic


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The Greatest Casanova, 2009
art direction, editing, compositing

Video projected as part of the play 'Warum das Kind in der Polenta kocht', from the Viennese theater company Das Kunst. The play told the true story of a young girl living in a Romanian circus family. The video was presented as though made by the father of the family, a talentless amateur film maker.
Dir: Asli Kislal; Music: Uwe Felche;


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Allstaffs Promo, 2009

Promotional video for Allstaffs, a ground-breaking circus show from an international collaboration of circus artists.


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What Kind of Amazing Grace?, 2008
art direction, motion graphics

Music video for San Francisco-based singer-song-writer Ian Rhett. The song and video were released shortly before the US Presidential election and were addressed to the American Christian community, highlighting things they may wish to consider when they came to cast their vote.
Music: Ian Rhett;


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Flame Oz Promo, 2008
editing, motion graphics

Promotional video for Flame Oz, a high-class performing arts troupe, specializing in fire shows for corporate and cultural events.


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Vibrations, 2008
directing, motion graphics, compositing

Collaboration with Viennese breakdance crew 24-7 Family, exploring vibrations expressed through the body, the music and the visual imagery.
Originally produced as an entry for the Red Bull X13 film competition.
Music: Sum-1 - I Play Music

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